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Hey look, I found a sweet bar cart for free.

Sure it used to be a baby changing table, but I could not help but admire the rich mahogany and smooth casters that someone had all but abandoned on Capitol Hill at the corner of E John and Broadway. Tighten up some screws, remove a rail and a cushion, add some glassware, tools and bottles, and what once represented many sleepless nights and cleanup, well… I guess it pretty much represents the same thing, doesn’t it?

Now taking bets on how long Kate will let me keep it in our small apartment.


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Lime Cordial, According to Imbibe Magazine

My infatuation with Gin began via a gracious pour of Hendricks into a gimlet by an even more gracious host on a balcony overlooking South Lake Union. Looking back, it seemed so simple: Gin and lime (cordial). But, my tastes at the time hadn’t ever ventured beyond the odd Captain and Coke.

In the time since, with only cocktail blogs and books as my guide, Gin gave way to Genever, Rose’s lime juice to fresh-pressed citrus.

This past January, Imbibe Magazine featured a recipe for lime cordial. It captures the bright acidity afforded by lime juice and the intense flavor of the surface oils without being unremittingly sweet like Rose’s. Try it out. I did, and I think you’ll like it.

In a sense, the chase has gone full-circle.

Also, sections on the Gimlet’s origins borrow heavily from Speakeasy, by Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric of Employees Only in New York City.


A long time ago, British Naval surgeon named Sir Thomas D. Gimlette invented a cocktail to ward off scurvy which contained Navy-strength Plymouth Gin (issued to officers) and lime cordial.

Commercially available lime cordial relies on corn syrup and artificial flavors, but the original was simply lime juice and water, the high sugar content an effective way to preserve lime during long trips on the high sea.

Truthfully, I kind of like the taste of Rose’s Lime “Juice” with its corn sugar and artificial colors, but there’s something about homemade stuff that just tastes better. This recipe, taken from this month’s issue of Imbibe Magazine (Jan. 2011) takes advantage of not only the lime juice, but the aromatic oils on the surface of the fruit as well, resulting in a lime cordial that tastes like you imagine a lime would.

Here’s how you can make your own:

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Imperial Gin

Grandma made cookies and imperial gin! (Read: Grandma made cookies.)

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