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Hey look, I found a sweet bar cart for free.

Sure it used to be a baby changing table, but I could not help but admire the rich mahogany and smooth casters that someone had all but abandoned on Capitol Hill at the corner of E John and Broadway. Tighten up some screws, remove a rail and a cushion, add some glassware, tools and bottles, and what once represented many sleepless nights and cleanup, well… I guess it pretty much represents the same thing, doesn’t it?

Now taking bets on how long Kate will let me keep it in our small apartment.


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Blood and Sand Cocktail

First of all… Blood and Sand? The patron ordering the cocktail could do well to feel just as badass as the name of the cocktail they requested. So filled with badassery, in fact, that Spartacus on STARZ! had to cop its name. I digress.

(Further digression: Blood and Sand takes its name from the 1922 silent film staring Rudolph Valentino, which was based on the 1909 Spanish bullfighting novel Sangre y Arena by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.)

I’m a huge advocate of drinking less but drinking better. There are few things that can give someone the illusion that they are getting everything they want out of life like a well-made cocktail. Or, in the case of my friend Jason Rowley, a dram in a clean bucket free of dishwashing residue and lipstick. Actually, the lipstick’s optional. So, yeah… do that.

“Garbage in, garbage out,” goes the saying. At least with food and drink. This is an “equal parts” beverage, that is, there is 3/4 oz. of each ingredient. Make each of those 3/4 oz count.

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