On Mondays and Why I Love Them


I love Fridays and Saturdays, just like anyone else. Some love them because it marks the end of a long work week and a time when you can cut loose. Others, like me love the weekend because it means you might be able to walk out that night with enough to pay rent. It means cash in hand.


Since I started earning a wage, every job I’ve had has involved legal addictive stimulants. Healthcare: legal addictive stimulants. Barista: legal addictive stimulants. Bartender: legal addictive stimulants. Admittedly, not a long and exhaustive list, but in any case, you get to know your regulars. Fridays and Saturdays are for making the monies. Earlier days in the week are for creating and sustaining that rapport and those relationships which help us keep our sanity (and theirs) later in the week.


Bartenders and bariste have this strange and yet wonderful societal expectation of knowing our regulars names, having a double Beefeater and tonic, no ice- poured and at their usual position at the bar as soon as they pass the window. Either by necessity or by the popularity of a certain television sitcom which rhymes with “beers” we are in a unique situation where we are neither expected to judge nor care about individual flaws, and are yet trusted with certain details which require discretion.


Case in point: a regular, who you know to be in a committed relationship, enters the bar and spends the evening drinking with a gorgeous young woman unfamiliar to you. What do you do? Keep your fucking mouth shut. The very fact that 1500 bar stools opened up in Seattle last year alone and they chose to sit at your bar says something. That something is: for one reason or another, this person made a deliberate decision to spend money at this bar, your bar. Any one of those reasons is as good as any other. Besides, you know squat about their situation and that could be his cousin… or something.


Mondays are a time to reconnect, to scrub clean both our dump sinks and our tired, booze-riddled skulls. It is a slow time where, at the expense of- well expenses, we have the time to explore new spirits with our clients, catch up on how their new baby is doing, how their new tattoo is healing, how funeral arrangements are going. We are privy to some of the most intriguing aspects of human life, and are paid well to do it. 



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